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Only one original Kanji creation in the world -Soukan Japan.



How to order

Easy ordering method

Creating original Kanji at Sokan Japan is extremely easy.

  • 1. Select the desired number of Kanji strokes
  • 2. Choose a design tone
  • 3. Order on the shop site

that's all.

You can easily order your original and favorite kanji

What is Kakusu?

Kakusu is the lines strokes that make up a kanji.

  • Example) 田 = 5 strokes
  • Example) 猫 = 11 strokes

Some strokes of Kanji may be written with a single stroke, so the actual number of strokes may be less than the actual number of strokes.

To stroke count list - "KAKUSU" 》

Kakusu is the number of strokes.

What is design tone?

You can choose from the following 4 types of original kanji for the first issue of Japan.

  • 1.DigDag


Make the kanji look like a maze.

  • 2.IroFude


Create kanji in a handwriting style with beautiful color brush writing.

  • 3.TYPO


Convert kanji into typography.

  • 4.Article


Based on the original number of strokes, the kanji will be artistically deformed and designed.

To list of design tones 》

Depending on design tone, delivery time and cost will be different.

The payment method is

You can only pay by credit card.

credit payment required on shop site

How to deliver

We will send an e-mail to notify you of the delivery within 5 to 8 days after the official request.

All you have to do is download the delivery file from the URL.

delivery downloaded from cloud server